Dear Friends and Family of LifewithADD,

As you well know, living with ADD/ADHD can be very challenging not only for you but to your families as well. This organization was built with a view to helping you and your families to live up to this challenge by linking you up with people who share similar experiences and have succeeded in maintaining a positive outlook!

Explore more how our community had helped members face the challenge of fighting rare, debilitating illnesses by weaving a web of connections that allow for peer support.




1.  Welcome New Members

2.  Help for Low Income Americans

3.  Featured Group: Friends and Family Affected by ADHD/ADD

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Welcome New Members


What better way to start than to familiarize yourself with the site! You can join discussions on the forum at the center of the home page or choose a topic of interest from our blog posts. Click My Page and start your own personal page where you can store information, communicate with other members or simply to express yourself. Read or share Blog posts, Recommend a Doctor, or get in touch with other members by sending message or a reply to a discussion post.

Nothing else works like peer support! We trust that you will enjoy your membership. Our warmest Welcome!

Remember that LifeWithADD is always here for you!

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Help for Low Income Americans


In these times as the economic crunch continues to load down on people, it’s hard enough to be sick, not to mention being unable to financially support ones medical needs due to poverty. We could all use some valuable suggestions and learn from others who saved on their medical prescriptions, sourced hard to find drugs, some medical equipment and services even offered for free.  Check out this AVM post and find out how you can avail some of these free medicines and discounted services.

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Featured Group: Friends and Family Affected by ADHD/ADD


Bensfriends is more than your online friends, we are your family!

Share more of your family experiences and stories as you join our featured group this month: "Friends and Family Affected by ADHD/ADD"

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Community Stats

Total Unique Visitors to Site: 165
Peak Number of Members as of February 1, 2012 : 42
New Members Joined Last January: 5


If you know someone who can benefit from Bensfriends, invite them to join our amazing community and tell them how our community had been your source of strength and great support!

Warmest Regards,

Your Community Moderators

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